Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding the time

"How do you find the the time to sew?" I hear this frequently. I'm not sure what the correct answer to this is because lets face it... With 2 toddlers, a full time job and NO housekeeper... there is something I should be doing at every waking moment of the day so I suppose the answer is simple.  I make the time. I sneak in little sewing moments whenever I can but I can only do that because I created a little sewing nook in my house. I can sit down and sew quickly while the kids are content... and then stop instantly when they need me or it's time to make dinner. All you need to create your own is a small corner, a desk, and a few shelves.  My place is SMALL and my previous place was even SMALLER so if I can find a spot so can you. I promise creating a nook to sew will help you find more time to do so.  And more inspiration! And more fun cause you can leave it a mess! 'Cause who likes cleaning up messes? Just sayin'... 

- Jody

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  1. Sign me up as a host this summer once this baby decides to get here! Your projects are so cute - I can't wait!