Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pink, Ruffles and Flowers... Oh My!

While sewing this ruffled half apron as a project option for our sewing classes, I feel a little tug on my shirt.  I couldn't hear her approaching because the whir of the sewing machine was going full tilt.  I look down, and my little Reese looks at me and asks... "Is this for me?"  Usually I am feverishly whipping up a new skirt or dress for my little three-year-old, so it's my own fault that as soon as she sees something with pink and flowers on it she thinks it must be for her.  

I had no problem, however, letting her try it on and dance around the family room.  She makes a much cuter model than me anyway.  Although this apron is adult size... I see a tiny version of it being made in the near future.


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