Thursday, June 9, 2011

No One Puts Baby In The Corner...

One of my really good friends just had her first baby girl and I am so excited for her!  Now I have made plenty of baby gifts in my time... in fact, I can't just go buy a present anymore. I am so used to making homemade gifts that I don't know that I can ever go back! So here is the gift I made for Baby Emily. 

When thinking about what I wanted to make for the little munchkin, I knew it had to be girly but with an East Coast feel.  I loved this stripe fabric because it is super soft and just perfect for baby's sensitive skin.  Also, because it reminded me of sailing... not that my friend sails... but just humor me.

I love this dress and you can find the tutorial here.  What initially drew me to this pattern, despite it being adorable, was that it doesn't have any zippers, buttons, or anything super complicated... which basically means that it wasn't too scary of an undertaking.  After making it several times, however, I have made a few adjustments.  In this particular dress, I added a snap to the back instead of the ties at the shoulders as the pattern indicates.  I have also done a zipper and buttons on past versions... it's fun to play around with it and see what works best for you.

As soon as I saw the pattern for these shoes, I had to make them immediately!  They are extremely tiny but just perfect for little baby feet!  No adjustments here as it was my first time making them.  Next time I make them, I might use felt as the sole... just in case I was feeling lazy.

This headband is a knockoff of one that I found here.  Please do not compare photos!  Kelly takes beautiful pictures and always knows how to stage a shot just right.  My skills are not lacking as much as I am in desperate need of a new camera!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the hubby is picking up on the hints, since our anniversary is this month!

And the blanket was inspired by one that I saw on Pinterest.  Have you heard of this brilliant website yet?  I am obsessed... and spend a little too much time on it.  My poor kids... Anyway, the blanket I saw had this beautiful freehand quilting done... I opted to just quilt along the banners themselves.  Much more simple.

So I am going to wrap up this little number tonight and mail it to VA tomorrow.  Did your friend just have a baby?... Preggers yourself and looking for a new nesting project?  These tutorials are easy enough and will give make for a spectacular gift.



  1. kay, i love, LOVE the bunting blanket. i think i might need to make one for my baby boy... :)

    and those shoes are darling! shelley was telling me how you helped her finish a blanket the other night...and i said, "dont you wish she would sprinkle some of that talent on you???" you have a gift. and i LOVE seeing what you're doing with it!

  2. Kay...where did you get that adorable fabric that you used for the bottom of the dress. Also...I love the blanket. So cute.