Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Not Skirt The Issue...

We have a new project here at Zig Zag.  I saw an idea for this full, 50's style skirt online and immediately fell in love with the idea.  For me, when it comes to dressing up... the more feminine the better.  I love ruffles, I love pleats, and the higher the heel the better.  When making this skirt I wanted it to reflect the nipped-in waists of the 50's and 60's... when women wore gloves and hats, and made sure to always have their makeup done before their husband came home from work... but I also wanted to make it current and stylish.  

This skirt is a high-waisted, FULL skirt that makes me want to twirl around with my three year old for hours.  It is a tea length skirt with an exposed zipper up the back.  Truth be told, the zipper is my favorite part, and the element of this skirt that makes it more modern.

Each time I take on a new project, I love tweaking it and making it my own.  Once you become comfortable with sewing, your options become limitless.  Don't want to do an exposed zipper?  You can do an invisible zipper... you can make it elastic waist and wear it with flip flops in the summer... You could make it less full and put buttons down the front... you could make it a pencil skirt... on and on and on.

Once I finished this skirt, I couldn't help but think of other styles of skirts that I want to make.  What type of fabric I want for it... but most importantly, how soon can I finish it so I can dress it up with candy red heels and a string of pearls...

Want to host a party where you and your friends can make this lovely skirt?  Contact us at and we can get you scheduled.

Happy Sewing! and Happy Memorial Day!!


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